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NICI Collection

NICI or NICI AG is the name of a German toy factory based in Altenkunstadt in the north Bavarian region of Upper Franconia. The company was founded in 1986, and produces plushies, stationery, figurines, greeting cards, pillows, water bottles, magnets and other merchandise. NICI produced Goleo, the mascot of the 2006 FIFA World Cup 。

  • Timothy the hamster Jolly Mah sheep & Jolly Wolf Verano Caliente parrots & toucan Jack & Jill Huskies Unicorns of Magical Forest Snow Rabbit & Reindeer Camel & Ant Calvin the Skunk Polar Bear & Winter Bear Frog & Turtle Sam the Eagle Creatures of the Jungle, such as tiger, giraffe, leopard, crocodile, etc. Edward the Horse & his Landlord farm friends Devil & Angel Random everyday animals such as dogs, cats and bears Max the Elephant & Milly the Mouse Simsalabeans for Halloween The Love Dog Mona & Lou the loving monkeys Mini Little Wingel angels Spunky and sassy cats A perky fox Seafriends Magic meadow fairies dressed up as bugs Seal Valentine monkeys Valentino & Valentina the Love Bears Paula Duck Wild Pete Piglet
  • Arthur Rat
  • Bud Badger
  • Silvio Raven